Asia to witness fastest visitor recovery when things resume; intra-region travel to herald growth: PATA

According to a newly updated forecast by Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), growth in international arrivals relative to 2019 figures is expected to rebound the fastest in Asia over the years to 2024. The release also suggests that this growth will be driven by intra-regional travel (Asia-to-Asia), with a rebound from a loss of almost 98 million arrivals between 2019 and 2020 to an increase of over 17 million between 2019 and 2021. All the source regions of Asia are projected to show growth between 2019 and 2021, with Europe and the Americas in particular, adding increases in arrivals of 2.5 million and 1.7 million, respectively over that period. By the end of 2021, Asia is predicted to have visitor arrivals numbering five per cent more than in 2019.

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TravTalk Salary Survey: Tourism industry optimistic as only 41% staff on leave without pay

The result of the ‘TravTalk Salary Survey’ 2020 has revealed that GSAs are working with 80 per cent staff and only 20 percent of them have got salary cuts. Inbound agents have put only 33 percent of their staff on leave without pay. Furthermore, 14 percent of the outbound and domestic agents have reported putting more than 50 percent of their workforce on leave without pay. This survey was conducted anonymously to discuss some of the best employment practices in the industry.  

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CEO Nepal Tourism Board & stakeholders of Indian tourism industry discuss way forward

Dhananjay Regmi, CEO, Nepal Tourism Board, has met with the presidents of various Indian tourism associations on a digital platform to discuss the way forward amidst COVID-19 crisis. Some of the notable attendees include, Jyoti Mayal, President, TAAI; PP Khanna, President, ADTOI; Swadesh Kumar, President, ATOAI; Pradeep Lulla, Acting President, TAFI and Mahendra Vakaria, Immediate Past President, OTOAI. The meeting was organised by Buzz Travel Marketing India and moderated by SanJeet, its’ CEO.

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MoCA should provide win-win solution to both airlines and agents: Jyoti Mayal

Jyoti Mayal, President, Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI), has said that they have had several meetings with the Ministry of Civil Aviation regarding protecting the interest of their members, in the wake of the losses they have suffered because of not getting refunds from airlines amidst the COVID-19 crisis and the eventual shutting down of airline operations. She adds, “Tourism and aviation are inter-dependent. Both airlines and travel agents depend on each other for business and hence we have requested the Ministry of Civil Aviation to look at a solution that is a win-win situation for both. We don’t want airlines to go out of business, but also want to save our businesses. While airlines across the world are seeking monetary support for their survival, they should not be holding back the agents’ or customers’ money, which is lying with them as per advance bookings. They should refund the agents and customers, instead of giving credit shells.”

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National Tourism Task Force to discuss future safety measures for industry: Rupinder Brar

Rupinder Brar, Additional Director General, Ministry of Tourism, says that the newly constituted National Tourism Task Force, will be discussing and laying out the kind of safety measures and protocols that will be followed by tourism stakeholders, including hotels, agents, tour operators, etc. This is the reason that various associations will be a part of the task force. She adds, “We want to widen the ambit of inputs because there are so many people to value add to tourism and hospitality as an industry. We would be benefitted by wider participation and inputs, as each sector would have something different to say and each sector would have its own issues. The Hon. Minister is keen that we work on this task force with different sectors.” The National Tourism Task Force is part of the ongoing initiative the MOT to continue its dialogue with different stakeholders. These are unprecedented times for everyone and the MOT wants to hear the industry’s problems and also some ideas on what can be the way forward, what can be done, and how do we take tourism forward and take care of all our stakeholders.

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Asia to drive early visitor recovery in 2021: PATA

Asia is predicted to spearhead a return to visitor growth across Asia Pacific in 2021 according to the newly updated forecasts released last week by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). During the expected recovery phase in 2021, Asia is expected to generate significantly improved arrival numbers, rebounding from a loss of almost 104 million visitors between 2019 and 2020 to growth of 5.6% in 2021 relative to 2019, delivering more than 18 million more arrivals over that period. Taking into account the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the volume of arrivals under a most likely scenario is now expected to return to over 610 million in 2021, barring any other unforeseen interventions. This initial recovery is expected to see growth of around three percent above 2019 levels and herald a return to the initial forecast levels shortly thereafter. This growth in international visitor arrivals (IVAs) is likely to vary by source regions, with Asia expected to rebound with the fastest growth rates relative to 2019. The Americas, which is expected to show the lowest contraction in its rate of growth in 2020, is forecast to continue with much weaker growth rates over the years to 2024. Arrivals into the Americas are expected to be relatively strong in 2021, with a net increase of 2.9 million visitors relative to the volume generated in 2019. This is expected to be driven largely by intra-regional flows (Americas-to-Americas) which, after a decline of 4.3 million arrivals between 2019 and 2020, are expected to recover rapidly and generate more than 2.5 million arrivals into the Americas relative to 2019. By the end of 2021, total IVAs into the Americas are projected to be close to three percent above …

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