GoAir launches 28 new flights to 12 destinations

In a bid to strengthen its connectivity, GoAir has announced 28 additional flights, starting April 26, offering passengers multiple FlySmart options. The new flights will be connecting 12 destinations, namely, Mumbai (8 flights), Delhi (7), Nagpur (3), Ahmedabad (2), Goa (1), Chandigarh (1), Ranchi (1), Jaipur (1), Lucknow (1), Patna (1), Pune (1) and Kochi (1). The new flights for the first time are: Delhi-Nagpur-Delhi and Delhi-Kochi-Delhi. The 28 additional flights cover the length and breadth of the country and is believed to alleviate the shortage of flights and inconvenience caused to passengers due to the Jet Airway’s flight cancellations. Jeh Wadia, Managing Director, GoAir, said: “GoAir is pleased to announce 28 flight options this summer in addition to our existing flights. There are two sectors that GoAir is launching for the first time, namely, Delhi-Nagpur-Delhi and Delhi-Kochi-Delhi. GoAir is committed to provide travelers a value for money proposition through highest standards of customer service and affordable air fares – as low as Rs 1368 on select routes. GoAir is also committed to provide secure and efficient transportation at all times with attention to essential details. Proud to say that for the 7th month in a row, GoAir has ranked top in ‘On-Time-Performance (OTP)’ signifying our efforts towards operational efficiency.” In Mumbai, all flight numbers starting from G8 2000 to G8 2999 will depart and arrive at Terminal 2, effective 26th April 2019.

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