Serbia’s no-visa regime for Indian travellers could be a game changer: Ambassador

Vladimir Maric, Ambassador of Serbia to India, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia, is optimistic about the growth and hopes to touch the 10k mark in Indian arrivals by the end of this year since the no-visa regime for Indians since September 2017. “There is no need for a visa to visit Serbia for Indians, which means that they just have to book their flight tickets and hotel, and travel to Serbia with their passport,” he said.
No other Western country has this kind of a regime for Indian nationals. Maric further shared, “We have started recording the arrival numbers from India separately and from January-April 2018, around 2000 Indians have visited Serbia. Serbia is a great destination, with amazing nightlife, art, exhibitions, sports and natural surroundings. With the way things are going, we are . To create the awareness further, we will be having a representative for Serbia Tourism Board in India in 2019,” he said.