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Travelport’s free health & safety tracker offers data on 80+ airlines

In a bid to comply with demands from travellers and travel agents regarding information on an airline’s health and safety measures, Travelport has launched the Airline Health & Safety Tracker. This free-of-charge tool is available to both Travelport customers and the wider industry. It highlights the safety measures being undertaken by more than 80 of the world’s largest airlines – all available immediately. Data is delivered to both online and offline travel agencies through the recently launched Travelport COVID API-COVID-19 Resource Hub, which is also available to the general public. The new tool provides detailed information on a range of topics, including lockdown rules, entry requirements and quarantine measures for travellers. Country-level information can be displayed at the click of a button, allowing agents to advise their customers easily and instantly. Sandeep Dwivedi, Chief Operating Officer at InterGlobe Technology Quotient, says, “Gradual shifts towards safer journeys with refined safety measures is leading us to an evolving industry. To be able to track and match these safety measures with respective requirements shall lay genesis for a better travel booking experience, one that is frequently ensured by Travelport, lately with the Airline Health & Safety Tracker. This readily-accessible aid shall undoubtedly bring much respite from tedious manual searching and help travellers meet their respective requirements.

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