Delhi hotels record 5th consecutive year of RevPAR growth in 2019; up by 9%: STR

Asia Pacific hotel performance for 2019 by STR states that Delhi hotels have recorded its fifth consecutive year of RevPAR growth (8.5% to Rs 4801.75), and the absolute occupancy level was the market’s highest for any year since 2007. STR analysts point to a 7.1% jump in demand as the driver of that performance. November was the strongest month of the year for RevPAR growth due to the Diwali festival calendar shift from November in 2018 to October in 2019.

  • Occupancy: +4.9% to 73.0%
  • ADR: +3.4% to INR6,581.95
  • RevPAR: +8.5% to INR4,801.75
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