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Tiger Trust-led conference provides insight into the world of snow leopards

The 17th Kailash Sankhala Memorial Lecture organised by Tiger Trust in collaboration with World Wide Fund for Nature – India, raised awareness about the world of snow leopards. Organised in memory of the Tiger Man of India, the esteemed gathering was addressed by Dr Koustubh Sharma, Senior Regional Ecologist, Snow Leopard Trust; Dr Tsewang Namgail, Director, Snow Leopard Conservancy India trust and Ravi Singh, CEO, WWF. Anjana Gosain, Chief Functionary Officer, Tiger Trust, helped put together yet another insightful lecture while trustee Amit Sankhala added some food for thought. Tiger Trust was founded by Padmashri Late Shri Kailash Sankhala, in 1989 to protect endangered tigers in their natural habitat. The Trust functions in a three-way approach, namely capacity building programmes, awareness campaigns and working with the ground staff.      

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Amit Sankhala is DDP Face of the Future

Amit Sankhala, Managing Director, Encounters Asia, has been awarded the DDP Face of the Future title. Having explored wildlife and remote cultural experiences from around the world, he worked with the best photographers to capture magical moments. With a legacy to uphold in wildlife conservation, his grandfather was the first director of Project Tiger which established the tiger reserves of India. Today, Sankhala runs safari camps in Central India and puts together out of the ordinary experiences, to showcase the best that the country has to offer and to be able to use tourism as a medium to support wildlife conservation and community partnerships.

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