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Spain’s Logitravel group joint ventures with Thailand’s CBS Travel Asia

Logitravel Group of Spain and Thailand’s CBS Travel Asia have agreed for a joint venture that will give the European group a foothold in Southeast Asia. Logitravel has 12 offices worldwide and its first expansion in Asia will establish its 13th base to sell both inbound and outbound travel between Asia and Europe. In the long term, the company plans expansion to other major markets in Asia. The partnership will also help to build and grow the network opf two companies to new levels of success. The Thailand-based DMC will gain access to foreign markets covered by the Spanish Group. It will also help in offering added value for its B2B customers through the group’s technology and global distribution network. CBS Travel Asia will operate as the regional partner of Smyrooms, the Logitravel Group bed bank.  The joint venture will involve the integration of CBS Travel Asia’s full travel content for distribution through the group’s XML platform to more than 1,000 online travel agents, tour operators and B2B partners. Logitravel Group is making a firm commitment to expand its business using Thailand as a regional hub, to extend its footprint to other Asian countries by acquiring a stake in CBS Travel Asia, Financial details were not disclosed, but it is understood that joint venture talks first commenced in early 2017.

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