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Divine Holiday Management and Divine Line Production announce presence in Bali

Divine Holiday Management and Divine Line Production have recently announced their presence in Bali which will cater operations for tourism, MICE, events, destination weddings and film shoots not only in Bali but also for all cities in Indonesia. The companies already have their presence in Mauritius, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines. Terence Cardoz owner of both companies said that Indonesia is an endless destination to explore as the archipelago has the world’s richest natural resources covering more than 17.000 islands, beautiful white sandy beaches to the panoramic rings of volcano stretched all along Sunderland with its deep forest that offered some of the world’s most amazing wildlife, the richest deep-root cultures that covered by more than 300 ethnic groups and tribes with huge variant of culinary, clothing, art and dances, daily life and charm peoples with their genuine hospitality. Those fact on Indonesia offers a very wide range of traveling style to the country, from Romantic & Honeymoon, Sports & Adventure, Science and Research, Family Leisure, Cultural & Spiritual Explorations, Photography and Videography from small to wide productions scale, MICE and Groups. For Film shoots , music videos  we would like to encourage film makers from India and International film industry to shoot in the exotic locations of Bali, Java and around other beautiful locations in Indonesia.    

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Promoting tourism through films

With an aim to promote tourism through film shoots internationally, Divine Holiday Management and International Destination Management Company, with offices in Mauritius, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines, has recently announced their new subsidiary company Divine Line Production. The company will facilitate film shootings in Europe, Australia, USA, Thailand and Mauritius. They are also doing a big budget Hollywood film to be produced by Warner Bros. in Mauritius. Terence Cardoz, Owner, Divine Line Production, said, “We are International Line Producers and work very closely with Worldwide Film Commissions, tourism boards, government authorities, embassies, consulates and airlines to support production houses for film shoots to any destination in the world. We assist production houses with accommodation’s, logistics, permissions, equipment’s, junior artists, crew during the shoot. We also assist and ensure government subsidy in many international destinations. Due to our close contact high commissions worldwide it makes it even easier to assist production houses for Recce and Crew visas. We also assure the best deals on Air Tickets to any destination in the world during the shoot.” The Countries that they are currently promoting for film shoots are Austria , Italy , Switzerland, Germany, France , Belgium , Netherland , Luxembourg, Spain , Portugal , Czech , Slovak, Hungary, Georgia, Malta, Kyrgyzstan, Greece, Ireland, Romania, Slovenia ,Malta, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, UK , Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, India, Nepal, UAE, Oman , Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Malaysia, South Korea , Singapore , Thailand , Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand , South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius , Reunion Island, Namibia & Rwanda.

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