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Skål India to now focus on Young Skal for growth

Skål India has a new focus area. It will look to Young Skål club for its next wave of growth. Informing this is Partha Chatterjee, President, Skål Mumbai who said, “Skål India has now crossed 1,000 member mark with Nikita Dossa – who is a Young Skål member – as its 1001st member from Bombay Skål Club. Most of the Skål clubs in India are now promoting Young Skål, with events structured specifically for them. This is because we expect the next area of membership growth will be from Young Skål.”

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Skål Mumbai announces new team

The Skål International Club of Mumbai recently held its 60th Annual General Meeting in Mumbai where it announced its new team. The new incoming board has Partha Chatterjee, a veteran hotelier taking over the mantle of the President for the term 2016-2018. Others include Burjis Mehta (Vice President), Kuldeep Bhartee (Vice President), Sunil Acharya (Secretary), Vaibhav Kedia (Treasurer), Rosita Haribal (Member – Memberships), Jyot Jhaveri (Member – Memberships), Arvind Tandon (Member – PR), Ajay Chhabria (Member – PR), Sujata Mariwala (Member – Sponsorships), Vinayakk Laud (Member – Sponsorships), Kunal Sampat (Member – Events), Suresh Gulrajani (Member – Events) and Sonalee Vaz (Member FVF). Speaking about the focus of the new team Chatterjee said, “Events, Networking across Fraternal clubs and Chambers of Commerce, trade with each other and introductions to Government bodies for improving tourism in the country will be the focus for the coming year.” Carl Vaz, Outgoing  President for Skål Club of Bombay and current Second Vice President, Skål International India, said “It has been a memorable journey since taking over in 2012. We have managed to bring back Skål Bombay from the brink of closure where it languished at just around 30 odd members to over 150 as on date. Skål Bombay now boasts of a wide representation of senior travel professionals comprising travel agents and tour operators, hospitality, airlines and tourism boards. My goal of turning around Skål Club of Bombay has been achieved.” Skål Bombay has 154 members across every sphere of tourism activities from hotels, travel agents, airlines, railways, cruise liners, airports, car rentals, restaurants, golf courses, conference organisers, casinos, etc.

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