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Agents will refrain from price reductions: Travel Consul

A Travel Consul study reveals that agents, while they wish to create partnerships with new buyers and suppliers, and diversify their product offerings, they will considerably refrain from increasing their marketing & advertising spend (45% respondents) and offering price reductions (37% respondents). The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed travel businesses to alter their products, enhance their reach, modify their policies and much more. With online travel agencies not being able to cope with consumer grievances on booking cancellations, refunds, etc., during the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, it was the traditional travel agent who came to his clients’ rescue. Now, it seems, people feel safer booking with their friendly neighbourhood travel agent rather than going through the online booking process, especially when COVID-19 has turned the industry upside down.

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Live chat with clients most preferred mode of engagement for trade: Travel Consul

The leading international travel marketing alliance, Travel Consul reveals that while lockdowns and movement restrictions had brought business to a standstill, tourism stakeholders (46%) kept clients engaged through live chats – the most preferred mode of communication amongst all the technology available today. These virtual face-to-face interactions were followed closely by a mix of telephone calls, emails and social media participation.

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Trade engages in training to ensure survival: Travel Consul

A recent survey by Travel Consul, the leading international travel marketing alliance, reveals that to ensure their survival amid the COVID-19 pandemic, most travel trade stakeholders in India (43%) have had to adjust their business model to changing times by focusing more on training programmes (40%) and investing in technology for enhancing both product and customer service (35%). Stakeholders have resorted to improving their current products, designing new products, examining new destinations as well as audiences, and strengthened customer service while even improving the supply base.

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Health and safety certificate key to business recovery for agents: Travel Consul

When asked what it is that destination management organisations can do to facilitate business growth for their partner travel agents and tour operators, most respondents (83%) cited introduction of a health and safety certification as the most important criteria. The survey was conducted by Travel Consul, a leading international travel marketing alliance.

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