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TourismBreakingNews.com is India’s leading web portal that covers news across all verticals of the travel and tourism industry in real-time… Of the Industry, By the Industry, For the Industry. Part of DDP Publications, the digital initiative offers you live updates, valuable insights and opinions from industry leaders.

We highlight important trends, news and events in the travel and tourism sector which are required to keep you abreast in your business.

  • B2B website with a readership of 5 lakhs
  • Available across all digital platforms – desktops, tablets and smartphones
  • Gives exclusive content across all travel trade sectors
  • Links to TV news capsules from TravelTV.News
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DDP Publications was established in 1984 and TravTalk was born in 1990. It is a leading travel industry publishing house with offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai. It has several recognised travel publications, including TravTalk India, TravTalk Middle East, MICEtalk, Cargo Talk, FHRAI Magazine, An Indian Journey, Holiday Talk and the Indian Travel Trade Directory.

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