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TAAI urges members to register with MOT; seeks appointment with PM on AI issue

In a marathon session fielding member queries, Jyoti Mayal, President, TAAI, urged everyone to register themselves on the Ministry of Tourism website. She said, “Agencies who don’t do this may not be allowed to call themselves a travel agent.” The association has also written to MoCA to help resolve matters with Air India bookings multiple times, and has sought an online appointment directly with the PM.

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AI trying to move towards a more web-sale oriented approach: Rajiv Bansal

At a recent press conference, addressing the issue of travel agent commission and the reason it was discontinued post lockdown, Rajiv Bansal, CMD, Air India, said, “We are trying to move to a more web-sale oriented approach, instead of an agent-based sales model. Initially, during the Vande Bharat Mission, all tickets were sold on the website, owing to imbalance in demand and supply. Now, demand and supply are largely matched, and all forms of sale are open, including agents, on-counter and web sale. Our objective is to increase the web sales.”

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Air India to operate additional flights to UK and France

Air India will operate additional flights between India and the UK from December 11, 2020 until March 27, 2021. Also, the national carrier will operate additional flights between India & France from 3rd January to 22nd March, 2021 under the air bubble agreement. The UK flight will be Delhi-Amritsar-Birmingham every Friday and Birmingham-Amritsar-Delhi every Saturday. Bookings are now open. These flights are in addition to the existing flights operating between India and the UK.  The new Delhi-Paris flights will be operating four days a week in the new year – from Delhi to Paris on Thursdays and Sundays, and from Paris to Delhi on Mondays and Fridays

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Only once-a-week Kolkata-London on AI

Air India has decided to reduce the frequency of its Kolkata-London flight from twice-a-week to now only once-a-week, owing to poor load factor. An AI official has reportedly revealed that after Navami, October 25, the flight will arrive in Kolkata and take off for London only on Sundays. The flight that operated on Thursdays has ben withdrawn as it isn’t sustainable to continue with the present load.

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Only 21 Air India routes profitable out of 100: Hardeep Singh Puri

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, in Parliament, said Air India’s only 21 routes, including nine domestic and twelve international, are profitable. Only these routes can cover the total cost of operating flights on 100 routes on which the airline operated between April 2019 and March 2020, he further added. Puri’s response indicated that Air India operates in 56 domestic and 44 international destinations and out of those 101 domestic and 10 international routes, it does not cover variable costs. “Air India continuously monitors market developments and the performance of its flights and conducts studies with the aim of withdrawing, introducing new routes or increasing / decreasing the frequency of existing routes. Air India has withdrawn flights that did not meet fixed / variable costs,” said Puri. He said that services on loss-making routes will be analyzed based on their strategic importance before deciding whether to withdraw or continue those routes.

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MoCA proposes air bubbles with neighbouring countries, negotiating with 13 more countries

In a series of tweets, Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister of Civil Aviation, announced that MoCA has proposed air bubbles with neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bhutan. “We are now taking these efforts forward and are negotiating with 13 more countries to establish such arrangements. These countries include Australia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Bahrain, Israel, Kenya, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand. We continue to further strengthen the reach and scope of ‘Vande Bharat Mission’. Air travel arrangements are already in place with USA, UK, France, Germany, UAE, Qatar and Maldives,” he tweeted.

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