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Niche air circuits will boost India’s tourism: Arshdeep Anand

Arshdeep Anand, Chairperson, ATOAI Women’s Collective, shared, “Increased air connectivity is directly proportional to increased tourism activity in a particular destination. Govt is making efforts to develop niche tourism in the country in the form of island tourism, adventure tourism, wildlife tourism, spiritual and wellness tourism. If our domestic carriers can come up with connectivity to develop these circuits, it would boost the tourism potential within the country. There is also a great demand-supply gap from India in relation to flights to Scandinavia for Northern lights, except to Finland and Copenhagen.

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ATOAI Women’s Collective to have first-ever gender sensitisation workshop on 10th Sep

ATOAI Women’s Collective is organising the first ever gender sensitization workshop for the entire adventure travel industry. The virtual workshop will be held on Friday, 10th September, 2021 from 4:30 to 6:00 PM and will be conducted by an organisation called ‘Devee’, led by Priyadarshini Narendra, an IIM and INSEAD Alumni, and Doorva Bahuguna, an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad. Arshdeep Anand, Chairperson, ATOAI Women’s Collective, said, “We want to start with the basics, which is to have the sense of gender sensitivity amongst everyone connected with the trade and otherwise also, because men and women work together in evry field now, and hence we need to know what is the appropriate behaviour towards each other. It is meant for both men and women as we both need to understand how we need to work together and go forward in life.”

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