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ATOAI announces Adventure Tourism Seminar & Roadshow, scheduled to take place on 13th July in Mumbai

ATOAI Seminar & Adventure Tourism Roadshow scheduled to take place on 13th July in Mumbai. This eagerly awaited event promises to be great chance for adventure enthusiasts, travel professionals, and industry stakeholders from India, to come together, exchange knowledge, and develop connections within the adventure tourism sector. Offering an ideal platform for participants to share best practices, learn from industry experts, and explore different world of adventure travel altogether. With intend of enhancing skills in selling products, attendees will have the chance to attend interactive sessions dedicated for best practices and effective sales techniques. These sessions will provide valuable insights in marketing and selling experiences, enabling participants to reach new heights in their business ventures. Certified First Aid, CPR & Wilderness Responder & Responsible Adventure Travel course is a two-day program of 16 hours. It is certified course aimed at providing participants with the necessary skills to respond to emergency situations in the wilderness. 30 participants were certified. Ajeet Bajaj, President, ATOAI, expressing his excitement, said, “We are excited to bring together adventure travel enthusiasts, industry professionals, and stakeholders at the ATOAI Seminar & Adventure Tourism Roadshow. This event aims to promote best practices, provide valuable insights, and facilitate networking opportunities within the adventure tourism community”. “We look forward to creating a platform that encourages the growth of adventure tourism in India and showcases the incredible adventures our country has to offer,” he furthermore added. Key Highlights Chance to meet authentic sellers of adventure products. With range of exhibitors showcasing their offerings, attendees will gain first-hand knowledge of the thrilling adventure tourism experiences available in India. Adventure Sports Cover 360 is ATOAI Adventure Insurance and Rescue Partner for these regional …

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NDRF organizes Disaster Management Training Course for ATOAI Adventure Guides

The Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI) in collaboration with the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) organized a six-day Disaster Management Course from 30th January 2022 to 4th February 2023 at 8 Battalion, NDRF, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh for adventure guides. The adventure guides from across the country successfully completed the 6-day course on Disaster Management, Search & Rescue, First Aid & CPR, Fire Safety, Water Emergencies, Snake & Animal Bites, Group Exercises / Leadership, communication skills and related topics. The adventure guides were awarded certificates on completion of the course by Commandant Praveen Kumar Tiwary, Commandant 8th Battalion NDRF. The adventure guides were also made honorary wardens for keeping ‘the great outdoors’ pristine and to ensure that ATOAI safety guidelines are followed in letter and spirit. Commandant Praveen Kumar Tiwary says “NDRF is known for its professional acumen in the field of disaster response and rescue operations. This course is going to be a force multiplier for the participants. The people associated with adventure sports are passionate and having tremendous set of skills. This course is certainly going to help them in their future endeavours. The training imparted in this course will enable them to respond effectively in trying times”. Speaking to the adventure guides at NDRF Mr. Ajeet Bajaj, President, ATOAI said “ATOAI has always endeavoured to be a ‘Force for Good’ for our country and tried to pitch in during natural disasters. This is the value system ATOAI stands for and these training sessions will enable adventure guides who are trained professionals and spread across the country, to be force multipliers for rescue and support during natural disasters. This will also up-skill adventure professionals/ guides in providing …

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‘Inter-ministerial board with state govts can resolve adventure tourism issues in India’: Ajeet Bajaj

Ajeet Bajaj, President, ATOAI, has said that setting up the National Board for Adventure Tourism by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, is a welcome step, “We have already had two board meetings and are gaining momentum. This inter-ministerial board with state governments’ participation will help resolve many issues pertaining to adventure tourism in India.”

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ATOAI announces Disaster Management Training Course for Adventure Guides in collaboration with NDRF

The Adventure Tour Operators Association of India has always believed in promoting adventure tourism in a safe and sustainable manner and aims to create this awareness and mitigate risk in adventure tourism activities. ATOAI is delighted to announce that the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) is organizing a Disaster Management Course for ATOAI Adventure Guides. 40 adventure guides with a minimum experience of 5 years will be trained by NDRF from 30th January 2022 to 4th February 2023 at 8 Battalion, NDRF, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.   The Adventure guides will be trained on: Disaster Management Search & Rescue First Aid & CPR. Fire Safety Water Emergencies Snake & Animal Bite Group Exercise / Leadership Miscellaneous & General Topics This course will be a force multiplier in providing rescue and support during natural disasters in our country and will also up skill adventure professionals / guides in providing safer adventure experiences to adventure tourists. ATOAI believes that such initiatives will go a long way in bringing India on top of the preferred adventure tourism destinations in the world. Adventure guides doing the program will also be made honorary wardens for keeping ‘the great outdoors’ pristine and ensure that the ATOAI safety guidelines are followed in letter and spirit.

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ATOAI to organise its biennial elections on 21 September 2022

Vaibhav Kala, Officiating President, ATOAI, has revealed that ATOAI elections will be held on 21 September 2022. He said, “It has been one of the most eventful tenures in ATOAI history, not only due to the pandemic and business revival,  but ATOAI has had some major breakthroughs including formation of the National Board on Adventure Tourism, efforts to launch the first Himalayan Mountaineering and Adventure Tourism meet in 2023, assisting State governments with formation of rules and guidelines and many growth areas in the sphere of promotion of adventure tourism.” He added, “The new team will strive to continue the momentum gained over the last year and take all steps initiated, to their logical conclusion.”

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