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World Bicycle Day, raise awareness on importance of cycling every year on 3rd June

Every year on June 3rd, World Bicycle Day is observed to raise awareness of the value of cycling as mode of transportation, to improve health, and to safeguard the environment. Switzerland, a country known for its stunning vistas and commitment to sustainable living, is committed to promoting cycling as a mode of transportation and offers several bicycle routes that showcase the country’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. Among these routes are the Appenzell e-bike route, Lake Biel route, Ticino wine route, and Aargau rivers route. Each of these routes offers unique experiences for cyclists, combining picturesque scenery with opportunities for exploration and enjoyment. Appenzell e-bike Route is magnificent journey through the rolling hills and gorgeous landscapes of Switzerland. This route, covering approximately 70 kilometres, is particularly well-suited for e-bike riders, allowing them to navigate the hilly terrain effortlessly while enjoying the surrounding beauty. Along the way, cyclists can soak in the traditional Swiss charm of idyllic villages, lush meadows, and verdant forests in the smallest Swiss canton. Lake Biel Route is another captivating cycling experience in Switzerland. Bypassing Lake Biel, this 80-kilometre route treats cyclists to breathtaking views of the lake and the appealing landscapes that surround it. The journey takes riders through vineyards, charming towns, and pristine countryside, providing ample chance for breaks at cozy cafés or wine cellars. Lake Biel itself offers a refreshing respite for those seeking a swim or a peaceful moment by the water’s edge. This route is a true delight for both nature enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs the same. Ticino Wine Route – for cycling enthusiasts with a penchant for fine wine, Ticino wine route is a must-visit. Located in the Italian-speaking region of Ticino …

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Karnataka Tourism Society urges government to lift lockdown from 21st June

Karnataka Tourism Society (KTS) has written to CP Yogeeshwara, Minister for Tourism, Ecology and Environment, Government of Karnataka, to lift the lockdown imposed on the state from June 21 in a graded manner, in order to ease the pressure on the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors. It is estimated by KTS that the job loss in in excess of 5,00,000 and revenue loss close to Rs75,000 crore.

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