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Tornos becomes first travel agency to set its foot in Ayodhya

Tornos, an established name in the tourism industry since the last 26 years, has become the first travel company of Ayodhya. Having worked and researched extensively on the revival of Ayodhya as a tourist destination, it now sets a foot in Ayodhya by coming up with its office in this temple city and will provide all travel related services to incoming tourists. Specialising in immersive travel experiences, Tornos has been associated with projection of Ayodhya internationally. ‘Mokshdayni Walk’ and ‘Ram Vivah’ have been company’s most innovative tourism products based on Ayodhya which were till now being operated and managed from Lucknow but now with its own set up in Ayodhya, these would be operated locally, bringing down its cost and making these more affordable. Tornos is looking at providing employment opportunities to locals and to come up with many more immersive travel experiences to showcase this deserving destination to the world. Prateek Hira, President && CEO, Tornos has been involved in the conceptualisation and of Ayodhya’s much-celebrated Diwali event, ‘Deepotsava’ that has been Uttar Pradesh government’s calendar event and draws a lot of attention. He says, “Ideal tourism should benefit local communities the most and the best local experiences can only be delivered by locals, so we decided to set up our office in Ayodhya. I am seeing Ayodhya coming up as one of the finest tourism destinations in the coming years and my confidence is renewed when our Prime Minister himself has taken it up so seriously. Ayodhya can be seen as a sought after tourist destination and both state and the central governments are possibly seeing tourism to be Ayodhya’s main economic driver.” In the time when travel …

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