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Sunil R. Kumar re-elected as TAAI President

Sunil R. Kumar has been re-elected as the president of Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) for the term 2017-19. While Sanjay Narula has been named the vice president, Jyoti Mayal will be the honorary Secretary General. Imitiaz Qureshi has been elected to the post of National Treasurer. “I have been elected for the second term and therefore, the responsibility is greater,” Kumar said, adding, “members have expectations, so we need to work towards getting airlines closer to meeting their expectations. It’s a tough challenge, but I believe we are tougher.”  The announcement was made during the association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 28, at The Lalit Mumbai. The seven Members elected to the Managing Committee are: Anoop Kanuga, Gurmeet Singh Vij, Rajan Sehgal, S. Saravanan, Bhagwan Ramnani, Anil Kumar, and Devaki Thiyagarajan.

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TAAI reveals nominee list for national elections

The Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) has revealed its final nominee list for its upcoming national elections. Running for presidency are three members – Harmandeep Singh Anand, Marzban Antia, present Vice President of TAAI, and current national president Sunil Kumar. Two nominees for the Vice President position are Jay Bhatia who is currently serving as TAAI’s Honorary Treasurer and Tourism Council Chairman and Sanjay Narula. Running for the position of Honorary Secretary General are two members: Lokesh Bettaiah, current Secretary General, and Jyoti Mayal, Member of the Managing Committee. Two members have signed up as nominees for the position of Honorary Treasurer. One of them is Shreeram Patel, current Co-Chairman, Airline Council, TAAI, and Imtiaz Qureshi, who is a MC member. The national elections will be held on November 28, 2017 at The Lalit Mumbai.

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AI increases IATA agent’s payout at TAAI’s behest

Air India has led the way towards increasing agents livelihood and recognising their distribution channel. Subsequent to an in-depth interaction with the Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) and its suggestions made to the national carrier, the airline has announced a new assured incentive/PLB Scheme for the FY 2017-18. Air India will file additional commission of two per cent with BSP and the same will be deducted by agent as cut and pay as per BSP cycle. This will be apart from the normal IATA commission of one per cent. Jyoti Mayal, TAAI member Managing Committee & Chairperson (Airline Council), says, “We really appreciate Air India’s move to recognise and support each and every IATA agent. After a long time, I feel that our industry is regaining its glory. Under the leadership of CMD Ashwani Lohani, we have seen them work very closely with the travel fraternity – first by bringing in credit cards then web parity and now with a level playing field where every agent gets incentivised on selling each and every ticket on Air India. I would now urge all IATA members to support our national carrier to make it a leading carrier in Indian skies. As an Airline Council Chairperson, I would love to see our national airline regaining its glory and profitability. We at TAAI took this initiative with the airline to set standards in the industry and promote all agents.” The incentives shall be calculated on basic fare for domestic and for international it will be calculated on Basic Fare +YQ. There is no target for the scheme and will be valid for all tickets sold within the territory of India by IATA agents …

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