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Adventure tourism can be a positive cause for achieving 2030 sustainable development goals: Arvind Singh

Speaking at the side event of the 2nd TWG meeting in Siliguri, Arvind Singh, Secretary, MOT, said that the event is a great occasion to discuss, ideate possibilities to achieve the SDG’s. “The deliberations reiterate the notion that Adventure tourism can be a positive cause for achieving the 2030 sustainable development goals,” he said.

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Verma urges stakeholders to work together for sustainability & change future of tourism

MOT organised the regional workshop on developing sustainable and responsible toruist destination, where Rakesh Verma, Addl. Sec, Tourism said. “Our key objective is to create awareness of sustainability particularly for sustainable tourism. It is important for us to understand what sustainability and sustainable tourism is. It is not only about the government, the private sector but it includes all the stakeholders who have to come together to make sure we are making a difference in future of tourism.”

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‘Inter-ministerial board with state govts can resolve adventure tourism issues in India’: Ajeet Bajaj

Ajeet Bajaj, President, ATOAI, has said that setting up the National Board for Adventure Tourism by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, is a welcome step, “We have already had two board meetings and are gaining momentum. This inter-ministerial board with state governments’ participation will help resolve many issues pertaining to adventure tourism in India.”

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We are looking at changing definition of infrastructure status for hotels: Arvind Singh

In response to hotel industry’s demand for amendment in the definition of infrastructure status, Arvind Singh, Secretary, MOT said, “We are looking at changing the definition of infrastructure status for hotels to help the industry attract investment. It has the attention of the higher authorities and we will have an order on it shortly.  It is currently as per 2011 census and needs to change to accommodate the demands of hospitality business today.”

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India should focus on attracting medical tourists from Europe & America: Parliamentary Committee

The Parliamentary Committee has advised the MOT that there is a huge potential for India to realize and aggressively advance towards attracting medical tourists from other parts of the world, including Europe and America. “India receives most of its medical tourists from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Oman, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nigeria, Kenya and Iraq,” it said in its report.

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