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Scindia running campaign to reduce VAT on ATF, meeting CMs of 22 states

Jyotiraditya Scindia, Union Minister of Civil Aviation, shares that he is running strong campaign with the Chief Ministers of all states for reduction of VAT on ATF. “I am approaching every CM sequentially and asking them to lower the VAT on ATF. There are 11 state governments, which charge between 1-5% and around 27 state governments charge between 5-30%. My target is to get as many states to charge between 1-5% VAT on ATF, so that there is increased penetration in terms of connectivity,” he said in Kushinagar.

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Argentina implements VAT refund for accommodation to foreign tourists

Starting January 2, 2017, Argentina will refund VAT to foreign tourists for lodging. This measure seeks greater flow of visitors, greater incomes of foreign exchange and the creation of new jobs. This policy reaches the services of lodging and breakfast. Other services that the guest takes at the hotel must be invoiced separately with “A” or “B” vouchers. The estimated impact of this measure, in a year of application, is the arrival of 95,000 new tourists, with an income of more than 70 million dollars, and it is expected to generate almost 8,000 new jobs. “The national government listened to a proposal made by the tourism sector in the last fifteen years. The reimbursement of VAT for accommodation to foreign visitors is already a fact, after a decade and a half of postponements, “said the Minister of Tourism of the Nation, Gustavo Santos. “The norm we promote includes all contracting in the area of accommodation of non-resident tourists and includes direct purchase as the one made through travel agencies. We seek that the entire chain of Argentine tourist value is competitive and of good quality, “said Santos. The return of VAT to accommodation services will be made to people who through their passport or ID card prove their residence abroad and pay by credit card issued abroad or bank transfer originated outside the boundaries of Argentina. The requirements are: accomodation must be registered in the AFIP. Likewise, the agencies must also be registered with VAT and be qualified by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation. The VAT rebate proposes to regulate a system that improves competitiveness, since foreign tourists will automatically pay a lower rate for the accommodation service …

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