40% Indians have stayed in a personalised room customised to their needs

In a survey of 7,500 people in 12 markets globally, an Amadeus-IHG study titled ‘Drivers of Change in Hospitality’ reports that 40 per cent of Indians have stayed in a personalised room that was customised to their needs (e.g. furnished with preferred furniture and room accessories). Traditional room types will no longer be the core product offered by hotels. Instead, guests will choose from room configurations that match their needs, the report states. This is known as attribute-based booking. In-room amenities, non-room inventory, and even tickets for out-of-hotel attractions can be flexibly included in bookings, and this very much represents the way that consumers want to be able to buy.
Attributes that can be added into rooms include functional items, both low-tech and high-tech – a cot for infants or smart room technology. For example, some 64% of global travelers are interested in having access to a voice assistant (e.g. Alexa, Google Home) in their hotel room. Choosing which floor you stay on is also a customizable option.

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