4th edition of GPS Chandigarh kickstarts with a reinvented format

After making its presence felt in the southern market with Hyderabad and western market with Ahmedabad, the bandwagon of Global Panorama Showcase has now moved to North India with the fourth edition of GPS Chandigarh. With a reinvented format, the organisers have concised the plan of the show from three days to two days. Harmandeep Singh Anand, Co-Founder & Managing Director, GPS, said that the same format will be followed in other GPS cities like Kolkata and Kochi, while the format followed in Ahmedabad will continue in Pune, keeping in mind the better understanding of markets in different cities. “With four new EDWIN programs this year, travel agents in Chandigarh have a chance to experience all four different destinations and learn more knowledge about them. Our core motto with EDWIN programs has always been to empower and educate the travel trade so that they can grow their business manifold. GPS will keep working hard to provide best networking opportunities to all the attendees,” Anand said further.

Day 1 of the show started with GPS app workshop and announcement of EDWIN for year 2019, in destinations like Tanzania, Zanzibar and Ladakh. EDWIN on Jalesh Cruise is also in line, apart from Europe tour on coach by Red Tours and Europe tour by rail by Amigo Travels, in plans this year. Day 1 comprised product presentations and knowledge sessions by exhibitors throughout the day, followed by the welcome dinner in the evening. Day 2 of the show is totally dedicated to B2B meetings throughout the day, followed by gala dinner. GPS is hosting over 150 buyers from different places around Chandigarh for the show.


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