Any product that is safe, reliable, and on time is luxury: Sanjay Kumar, IndiGo

With more than two decades of experience in aviation industry, Sanjay Kumar, Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer, IndiGo, has a different take on what luxury would mean in terms of air travel. “We believe that any product which is safe, reliable, on time, and affordable is luxury. If we can scratch even a two to three per cent of the total domestic market, and make air travel a part of their journey that would be great. Right now, these travellers are taking their own transportation, or trains, or buses. But if we can create an ecosystem for them which is cost-effective and efficient, that can help them travel the way they want to travel, then I think that can be called luxury too. Traveling by air itself is luxury. They have graduated from ground to air and if you have a network aligned to that in every state or tourist point, it makes for a great opportunity,” Kumar says, adding that Indigo has 63 destinations across the network of which 25-30 destinations have been launched in the last two years.

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