ATOAI elects new team and EC, forms Women Task Force

During its AGM and elections held virtually, ATOAI has elected new office-bearers and EC for 2021-23 term and form a Women Task Force. Vishwas Makhija, Managing Director, Inside India Tours is the new President while Rajesh Ojha, Managing Director, Banjara Camps is new Senior Vice President. Vaibhav Kala, Managing Director, Aquaterra Adventures India has been elected as the new Vice President. Vinayak Koul, Director, Snowlion Expeditions is back for a 2nd term as Hony. Secretary while Pradeep Murty, Director, Muddy Boots Vacations has been chosen as new Hony. Treasurer.

Executive committee members are: –

  1. Commander Sam T Samuel – Kalypso Adventures.
  2. Ronny Singh Gulati – Youreka Campouts.
  3. Nirat Bhatt – Nidus Enterprises.
  4. Nadeem Sheikh – Sea & Sky Travel (India).
  5. Arvind Bhardwaj – Red Chilli Adventure Sports.
  6. Milind Bhide – Countryside Adventure Holidays.

The new ATOAI team will continue to progress the growth of adventure travel in India by taking forward the association’s aims and shaping government policy for this sector.

Apart from resolving issues impacting adventure tourism in the country, its main objectives would be to bring more adventure tour operators across the country into the mainstream of Quality and Responsible Tourism Practices as a member, getting all states to adopt ATOAI’s safety guidelines, prioritizing operational risk assessment within the membership, conducting skill development & capacity building workshops in association with state tourism departments and local associations, running educational seminars and FAM tours for members, fostering new and innovative adventure tourism products and creating a pool of trained human resources within the industry.  ATOAI also seeks to take measures to reduce environmental impact on India’s natural resources, check mass- tourism in our remote locales, and take active measures to help reduce a rising accident rate in recent times as a result of mass-tourism. In an effort to encourage more women entrepreneurs in the Adventure Tourism industry, ATOAI will set up a dedicated Women’s Task Force consisting of current Women Entrepreneurs within the membership. There are also plans to introduce an ATOAI Mobile App showcasing India’s adventure activities in conjunction with a revamp of the ATOAI website.


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