Cleartrip eases online booking with Price Lock and Pay@hotel features

cleartrip-logoIn order to ease travel booking Cleartrip has launched two new features- Price Lock and Pay@Hotel. Price Lock will allow clients to lock prices by paying a fee and pay only if the plans are confirmed. Thus a traveller can hold the lowest price well in advance and be protected from price increases. Pay@Hotel, on the other hand, lets the traveller book now and pay later at the hotel. The traveler pays only after he stays. Also, in case the hotel turns out to be different from what he saw at the time of booking, Cleartrip offers a ‘Sleep promise’ feature and will find another hotel that is more suited to the traveller’s needs. Cleartrip currently offers the largest collection of Pay@Hotel inventory in India. Subramanya Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Cleartrip said “Travel bookings are generally associated with anxiety. Travellers worry whether they are getting the right price, the right hotel and whether it is the right time to book. With Price Lock and Pay@hotel features, we believe that we are solving for the core anxiety moments in flight and hotel booking.”
Cleartrip is also releasing two television commercials to educate the clients about the new features. The films will be launched across offline and online mediums including television and popular digital platforms.