Crimea assures safety to Indian tourists

Sergey Valeryevich AksyonovIn the wake of recent disturbances, Crimean authorities have assured Indian tourists that the country is a “safe travel destination.” Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea, Sergey Valeryevich Aksyonov, said, “I want to assure tourists from India that Crimea is a safe travel destination. We welcome guests. Especially as Russia and India have long-term friendly relations. The inflow of tourists to Crimea has increased. Crimea remains one of the most popular holiday destinations for those from Russia and outside.” Crimea has been under Russian control since 2014. According to the Russian Federal Security Service, armed clashes took place in northern Crimea last month involving a group that had allegedly came from Ukrainian territory to commit acts of terrorism in public places and thus disrupt the tourist season on the peninsula.


(issued by Russia Info Centre and PTI)

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