Cygnett Hotels & Resorts unveils expansion plans at 7th Annual GM Conclave

India’s fastest-growing hospitality chain, Cygnett Hotels & Resorts, recently held its 7th annual GM Conclave in Cygnett Style Jaipur under the theme ‘Aggrandize Hospitality Cygnett Horizons 2024.’ The event provided a platform for discussing the company’s strategic expansion plans and key insights into transformational changes in the hospitality industry.

Sarbendra Sarkar, Founder and Managing Director, Cygnett Hotels & Resorts, shared that Cygnett is on track to open 15 new hotels and 1200 keys over the next year, with ten currently under project & pre-opening stage. This expansion aligns with the company’s vision of innovation and cultural transformation. The new properties opening in June, July and August, such as Cozzet Deera in Sonipat (41 keys), Cozzet Mahad (Mahad Maharashtra industrial area) (60 keys), and Cygnett Inn Airport in Jaipur (45 keys), represent the company’s commitment to meeting growing demands and maintaining high hospitality standards. Cygnett also plans to hire over 1,000 hospitality professionals and establish the Cygnett Learning Academy to address the current talent shortage and train new aspirants. Cygnett Hotel and Resort was ranked second in new hotel signings in 2023, according to a report released by HVS.

At the event, Sarkar emphasised the importance of cultural transformation and innovation as the driving forces behind the company’s expansion. He noted that the rapid growth of domestic tourism and rising ADRs provide a promising outlook for the hospitality sector. He reiterated the company’s optimism about India’s hospitality prospects as it leverages increased government focus on infrastructure to bolster its growth.

The conclave also highlighted Cygnett’s strong focus on sustainability. Their Sustainable Plan 2025 includes eco-friendly initiatives such as energy-efficient technologies, water conservation, waste management, and upgraded transportation facilities. These efforts aim to align with global sustainability standards, reflecting the company’s commitment to environmentally responsible hospitality practices.

Technology was another critical focus at the conclave. Cygnett emphasised the importance of digital transformation, particularly AI, in enhancing guest experiences and operational efficiency. The company announced the upcoming launch of a mobile app for reservations and CRM systems to streamline guest management.

Shyam Bhethanabotla, Chief Technology Officer, Cygnett, commented, “AI algorithms will empower staff and improve guest interactions through voice recognition and translation, offering personalised recommendations and experiences. Integrating AI would transform business operations while maintaining a blend of technology and tradition.”

Cygnett is investing significantly in digital technology to elevate guest experiences and streamline operations. This effort includes developing mobile apps for booking and guest services and integrating smart technologies across its properties. Hospitality AI-powered technology leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance efficiency, improve guest experiences, and optimise operations. Soon, we will implement key areas where AI will substantially impact.

Cygnett Hotels & Resorts also announced the integration of (Cygnett LMS & Cygnett HRMS) Learning Management and HR Management systems to provide a competitive edge in employee engagement and skill development. The systems will ensure that Cygnett maintains a motivated and skilled workforce while fostering employee skills and engagement to meet the organisation’s needs.

The 7th annual GM Conclave offered a glimpse into Cygnett’s ambitious journey, confidently laying a roadmap for growth, innovation, and transformational change in hospitality.

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