Fiji Airways to appoint Country Sales Manager in India

Fiji Airways will soon be appointing a full time Country Sales Manager for the India market, says Marc S. Cavaliere, Chief Marketing Officer, Fiji Airways. “As a sign of our commitment to the Indian market we will be appointing a full time Country Sales Manager for India. The announcement will be made in 2-3 weeks time and the newly appointed person will be based out of Mumbai. We see opportunity in the India market and this is the reason we would invest in having a full time Fiji Airways Country Sales Manager here. The newly appointed person will be working on a dedicated basis not only with the travel trade, tour operators, OTA’s but also working jointly with Fiji Tourism as well. We would also participate in different trade shows as well and continue to show our commitment to the India market,” he said. Fiji Airways will also continue to expand its GSA presence in the country once the country sales manager is appointed. It will be working closely with Tourism Fiji for different marketing activities to drive growth. From the year 2015-2016 Fiji Airways recorded a 19 per cent increase in air traffic between India to Fiji. Fiji Airways looks the maintain the same trajectory of growth this year as well.