Global Kokan Fest 2018 ends on a high note

The concluding day of the 6th Global Konkan Festival from January 6-10, 2018 held in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, started with Tourism Conference in which speakers from MTDC, Tourism Board, IRCTC and Tourism Ministry took part. Various schemes and facilities provided to the local as well as international tourists like train packages, spiritual tours, adventure sports, etc. were discussed. Suryahas Chaudhari from Bordi bagged the Paryatan Bhushan Awards 2018 for sustainable agro and ecotourism.
Deepak Kesarkar, Minister of State for Home (Rural) said, “It is important to provide correct infrastructure to the people of Kokan region for them to develop businesses. Be it tourism, fisheries or any industry, we will be supporting each and everyone who wants to start their business. This will generate new jobs, aid reverse migration and raise the per capita income of the region.”
The event also showcased Konkan’s culture with traditional dances, food and seafood available in the region, art and photo exhibitions, artifacts and local produce to promote trade and tourism opportunities in the region.