Globus family of brands introduces Cosmos Lite for ‘á la carte tours’

Globus family of brands introduces Cosmos Lite — world’s first á la carte tour style. Combining the essential features of award-winning Cosmos tours with a personalised approach to daily itineraries, Cosmos Lite offers hassle-free travel with the freedom to tailor an itinerary to interests, budgets and pace. New for the current year, Cosmos Lite is unveiling 10 innovative itineraries that combine major cities with undiscovered, lesser-known destinations across Europe. Cosmos Lite vacation packages include city-to-city transportation, comfortable hotels, daily breakfasts, professional tour director, MyCosmos optional excursions and CosmosGo mobile app. Scott Nisbet, President and CEO, Globus family of brands, said, “With the introduction of Cosmos Lite, we’re giving travellers an independent touring option: a new way to see, explore and experience the world around them. We get them to each destination and coordinate comfortable accommodations but their days – and the activities they plan – are up to them.”
In 2019, Cosmos Lite is introducing 10 new vacation packages in Europe:

  • Spanish City Explorer (9 days, priced from $899)
  • Spanish Heritage Explorer (8 days, priced from $699)
  • Portugal Explorer (7 days, priced from $749)
  • Italian Explorer (8 days, priced from $899)
  • Northern Italy Explorer (8 days priced from $899)
  • Veneto Explorer (7 days, priced from $899)
  • Danube Explorer (8 days, priced from $899)
  • England Explorer (7 days, priced from $899)
  • Ireland Explorer (7 days, priced from $849)
  • Scotland Explorer (7 days, priced from $899)

Varesh Chopra, Regional Director –India, South Asia & Middle East, said, “Free of commitments and full of possibilities, Cosmos Lite’s á la carte touring invites travellers to design each day with free time, me time or see time. A Cosmos Lite vacation frees up days so travellers can fill them according to their interests, passions and budget, yet we include for them touring vacation essentials for ease, comfort and discovery.”