Goa Tourism drops US, China from promotional activity destinations list

Goa Tourism has dropped the US and China from its list of marketing and promotional activity destination citing minimal footfall from the long-haul destinations. Explaining the move, Dayanand Sopte told a news organisation that there is no point in marketing Goa in destinations from where the footfall is minimal. In a state-level marketing and promotion committee meeting the board discussed destinations and events it should participate in and it should avoid. Sopte said that the state’s participation in any international road show or trade fair should be decided by considering all facts especially weather the market or countries will bring in tourists in big numbers.

“We have decided not to participate in certain countries because experience has shown that despite spending crores of rupees, the resultant footfalls were not impressive. We don’t have many US tourists visiting Goa. Is it worthwhile then to spend over Rs 1 crore to promote the state there?,” said Sopte.

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