Indian women biggest participants of adventure tourism in South Africa

Of all the tourists visiting South Africa, Indian women have been found out to be the greatest enthusiasts in signing up for adventure activities, including bungee jumping, shark-cage diving and mountain hiking, according to the data given by South African Tourism. Hanneli Slabber, India Country Manager, South African Tourism, says, “The demand for adventure activities here is largely driven by Indian woman travellers. Indian women are the biggest participants in the adventure tourism sector in South Africa, with majority of them taking part in hardcore adventure, such as bungee jumping, sky diving, shark-cage diving and mountain hiking.” In fact, she said, Indians are only the second from the top nationality to bungee jump off the Bloukrans Bridge and the third from the top nationality to go for shark-cage diving in South Africa.

Further, Indian travellers visiting South Africa buy five to six adventure activities per day, which is comparatively much higher than tourists from other nationalities. Revealing the reason for this, she says, “We pride in offering some of the most-value-for-money adventure activities coupled with top safety standards. These are two factors which play a decisive role for Indian tourists.”