Israel bullish on agritourism from India

Tapping on the success story of great advancements achieved by Israel in the agricultural sector over the years, Israel Ministry of Tourism is now bullish on the growth of Agritourism in the country. Israel is hosting the 20th edition of Agritech Israel 2018, one of the world’s most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies, innovations and food processing.  From May 8 to 10, the exposition is held at the Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Centre in Tel Aviv and is attended by the Minister of State for Agriculture from the Government of India. Government officials, including representatives from the states of Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat are also present at Agritech Israel 2018.  Moreover, around 3000 travellers belonging to industries like Dairy, Irrigation, Organic Farming, Natural Fertilizers/ Pesticides and Water Harvesting are in attendance from India.
Talking about the growing Agritourism from India, Hassan Madah, Director, Israel Ministry of Tourism – India & Philippines said, “Israel has had breakthrough achievements in the field of agriculture and is poised to play a major role in supplying the world with cutting-edge agricultural solutions. By developing world’s best irrigation methods for ecological farming, Israel has much to offer the world in farming know-how. Agritourism is an effective way to tap into that know-how. Through Agritech, 2018 and other such initiatives, we are witnessing a tourism boom in the agriculture sector of Israel from India. Many professionals are opting for an average of 5 nights 6 days Israel agri-tours and we are positive that Agritourism will successfully contribute to the Indian tourist arrivals to Israel in 2018.”