Kenya Tourism Board appoints Intrepid Marketing as its India representative

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) has appointed Intrepid Marketing & Communications a Mumbai-based company, to establish Kenya as an aspirational long-haul destination in the Indian market through varied and sustained initiatives. The Intrepid team will be responsible for executing all trade, marketing and communication activities undertaken by KTB, starting from December 2020.

Currently, Kenya is identified in the Indian market as a destination suitable for experiences and safari. The engagement will allow KTB to broaden the narrative of Kenya’s offering and introduce Indians to the country’s culture and heritage, adventure activities and its vibrant cityscapes.

Neeti Bhatia, Director, Intrepid Marketing & Communications expressed, “We are working towards aligning our activities with ‘Kenya Vision 2030’ strategy and charting out an extensive calendar to penetrate the brand’s presence in target markets. Once travel restrictions are uplifted, we hope to achieve the set benchmark for Indian arrivals through aggressive trade, marketing and communication approach while putting tourist’s health on priority.”

Kenya has laid out ‘Kenya Vision 2030’ which is a long-term development blueprint for the country and is motivated by a collective aspiration for a better society by year 2030. KTB’s objective is to position Kenya as an all-season destination for unique vacations. The tourism board shall liaise with the Indian trade fraternity to chart future itineraries to ensure seamless travel experiences in Kenya.



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