Lufthansa hikes DCC from £11.30 to £14 from 1 June

Lufthansa Group is to increase its Distribution Cost Charge (DCC) to £14 due to the weakening value of the pound. The latest hike takes effect from 1 June, with all tickets issued before this date subject to the current DCC of £11.30. The DCC does not apply for sales partners connected to Lufthansa Group airlines’ Direct PI or the free of charge, web-based SPRK booking platform. In the UK, the airline group claims that a “strongly increasing number of travel agents are in a position to take advantage of this saving, leading to a consistent price advantage of up to £60 on a round trip over the traditional GDS. The charge increase follows IAG’s decision to move to a £9 per leg fee in September last year, up from the previous fee of £8.

Source: BBT

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