Marriott India Partners with Project Buniyaad by Honda India Foundation, Aligning Initiatives with Skill India and Women Empowerment

Marriott India is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with Project Buniyaad by Honda India Foundation, enhancing its commitment to community development by integrating initiatives with Skill India and promoting women empowerment across the nation.

Project Buniyaad – Athmanirbharta Ka Aadhar, launched by Honda India Foundation, focuses on equipping individuals with essential skills through education, vocational training and promoting environmental stewardship in North-East region of India & Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir. Marriott India, renowned for its excellence in hospitality and dedication to enhancing community well-being, is honored to align with this impactful initiative.

Marriott India’s initiative to invest in training youth in hospitality demonstrates a commendable commitment to both social responsibility and industry development. By allocating resources to equip these individuals with valuable skills and knowledge, Marriott not only empowers them to build sustainable careers but also enriches the hospitality sector with a diverse talent pool. Offering paid internships following their training, further underscores Marriott’s dedication to fostering inclusive growth and creating opportunities for marginalized communities. This initiative not only transforms lives but also contributes positively to the broader economy by ensuring more equitable access to professional pathways within the hospitality industry.

Under this initiative, unemployed youth will receive 3 months training from ­Visan Foundation post which a certification will be provided from Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council.

Ranju Alex, Area Vice President, South Asia – Marriott International said, “We are excited to join hands with Project Buniyaad – Aathmanirbharta Ka Aadhar by Honda India Foundation” “Together, we aim to contribute to the socio-economic development of communities through education, skills training and promoting sustainable practices.”

We believe that empowering individuals with skills and knowledge is key to sustainable development, said Sanjay Gupta, Chairman – Marriott India Business Council. Our partnership with Honda India Foundation’s Project Buniyaad will amplify our efforts to create a more resilient and self –sufficient society. We will concentrate on pivotal initiatives like educational programs and vocational trainings for underserved youth. Leveraging on our expertise in hospitality and robust operational resources, we aim to scale effectively and make a tangible difference.

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