MOT to use new budget to develop iconic sites, infrastructure: DG, Tourism

Meenakshi Sharma, Director General, Ministry of Tourism, has said that they are very happy about the budget announcement, and will be using the same for developing infrastructure for iconic sites and other existing schemes by the MOT, apart from global promotions.  She says, “We are getting a budget of around Rs. 2500 crores and we have sufficient funds to go on with our existing schemes. We also look forward to develop the iconic sites, for which we will use more funds. For the iconic sites, our responsibility is to create major infrastructure. Hence, the focus will be on iconic sites, Swadesh Darshan, and Prasad schemes. OF course, the global promotions always remains an important thing. The Incredible India 2.0 scheme has panned out very well. We will be continuing with our theme. For domestic promotions—Dekho Apna Desh, the Prime Minister has already urged all Indian to visit Indian destinations before going anywhere else. This is something we are also going to talk about in our domestic promotions.”

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