National Tourism Task Force to discuss future safety measures for industry: Rupinder Brar

Rupinder Brar, Additional Director General, Ministry of Tourism, says that the newly constituted National Tourism Task Force, will be discussing and laying out the kind of safety measures and protocols that will be followed by tourism stakeholders, including hotels, agents, tour operators, etc. This is the reason that various associations will be a part of the task force. She adds, “We want to widen the ambit of inputs because there are so many people to value add to tourism and hospitality as an industry. We would be benefitted by wider participation and inputs, as each sector would have something different to say and each sector would have its own issues. The Hon. Minister is keen that we work on this task force with different sectors.”

The National Tourism Task Force is part of the ongoing initiative the MOT to continue its dialogue with different stakeholders. These are unprecedented times for everyone and the MOT wants to hear the industry’s problems and also some ideas on what can be the way forward, what can be done, and how do we take tourism forward and take care of all our stakeholders.

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