Simply FEEL GOOD in Germany: GNTB relaunches its world-renowned campaign for sustainability.

Germany is increasingly perceived internationally as a sustainable destination: In the SDG Index, which shows the progress made by 193 nations in meeting the UN climate goals, Germany rises from sixth to fourth place in 2023.
According to analyses by IPK, potential guests ranked Germany third out of 27 countries in terms of climate protection and sustainability. The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) is making the most of this favourable attention by launching its international “Simply FEEL GOOD” campaign, which offers a variety of eco-friendly vacation suggestions.

Commenting on the campaign launch, Petra Hedorfer, CEO, German National Tourist Board (GNTB) says: “With the award-winning ‘Feel good’ campaign, we have already been successfully promoting the variety of certified sustainable products and services on the international markets since 2021. The 2023 campaign shows how a trip to Germany can combine sustainability, enjoyment and a variety of experiences can be combined on a trip
to Germany. The travel ideas selected for the campaign reflect how more and more tourist regions, hotels, tour operators, and mobility service providers are aligning themselves sustainably. The strategic orientation and implementation of the campaign pay very specific attention to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and thus underpin our claim to make German incoming tourism more sustainable.”

Simply FEEL GOOD 2023

The central element of the GNTB campaign is a landing page at This hub of inspiration and information presents almost 140 sustainable tourism travel ideas that were selected in a call for proposals. The four clusters “Discover,” “Enjoy,” “Stay” and “On Tour” make it easier to find your way around.

In addition, maps of Germany link to further sustainable travel options to the thematic websites of the 16 federal states as well as to accommodations that display at least one of 17 recognized sustainability certifications.

Romit Theophilus, Director, German National Tourist Office in India said, “We are inspiring Indian travellers to choose selection of activities including accommodation options that combine sustainability with hospitality and comfort. Germany offers far more than just its landmarks. Tourists from India can immerse themselves in the life of the many different regions, feel the energy of different landscapes, stroll through authentic markets, and experience true relaxation surrounded by nature”.

Germany also aims to communicate its favourable reputation as a tourist destination with a variety of eco-conscious tourism experiences while supporting sustainable travel. One of the finest tips for a climate-friendly and environmentally conscious holiday for Indians is fill your water bottle for free and without hesitation from the tap or from more than 6,000 public water refill stations around Germany, instead of buying bottled drinking water. You can also get your “coffee to go” in your own reusable cup in many places, and sometimes even get a discount. Fruit and vegetables are available plastic-free, super fresh, and inexpensive at the many farmers’ markets, and also in some supermarkets. You can do both while also preserving the environment and saving money.

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