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Hahn Air Systems introduces chatbot ‘Heidi’ to support passengers

Hahn Air Systems has launched chatbot ‘Heidi’, increasing its digital servicing channels to now include passengers. It will initially be available on Facebook with plans to expand it further in the future. Developed in cooperation with Spain-based technology company Caravelo, Heidi was launched to support passengers travelling on one of over 80 Hahn Air Systems’ partner airlines. By visiting Heidi on Facebook, travellers will now able to chat privately via Facebook Messenger and receive immediate assistance with matters relating to the provider’s H1-Air solution and the respective partner carriers’ services. They can thus enquire about their booking details, baggage allowance for their flights, itineraries as well as obtain support for web check-ins. In the initial phase, Heidi will communicate with passengers in English, other languages will follow. Alexander Proschka, Head, Hahn Air Systems, said, “Although Hahn Air Systems is a purely business-to-business solutions provider, we wanted to give the growing number of travellers who travel with one of our H1-Air carriers, the possibility to access instantaneous, round-the-clock support. We will be continuously developing Heidi and expand her bank of frequently-asked questions to cater to the growing needs of passengers.”

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Hahn Air Systems launches new online portal for airline partners

Hahn Air Systems is introducing a new online tool, the H1 Carrier Portal, to help airline partners keep track of H1-Air reservations with the aim to ultimately improve customer service. The global consolidation service generates incremental bookings for airline partners of all sizes and business models by connecting them to all major GDSs and therefore making them available for sale via over 100,000 travel agencies worldwide under the H1 code. The Hahn Air Systems H1 Carrier Portal allows the company’s 67 partners to access clearly arranged lists of all bookings generated via the H1 code, including useful information such as date, the booking number of Hahn Air Systems or the respective carrier, the GDS PNR, origin and destination. A detailed view shows the names of all passengers booked under the Hahn Air Systems code H1, their booking classes, compartments and HR-169 ticket numbers. At the same time, the H1 Carrier Portal features a convenient search functionality that allows retrieving details of a specific booking based on the booking number or the GDS PNR. Information provided include the ticket status (valid or invalid for travel), connecting flights, special service requests such as wheelchair or pet in cabin, as well as contact details from passengers or travel agencies, if available. “We designed the H1 Carrier Portal to support the staff of our partner airlines in further optimising their passenger service”, explains Alexander Proschka, Head of Hahn Air Systems. “By having easy access to all details related to a booking, the operating carrier can inform passengers in advance in case of delays or cancellations and proactively re-organise their itinerary. At the same time, our tool helps our partners’ check-in staff to identify H1-Air …

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SpiceJet is Hahn Air’s 50th H1-Air partner

Hahn Air Systems, the global consolidation service connecting small, medium and low-cost airlines to all major GDSs worldwide has reached 50 H1-Air partners with the latest addition being low-cost carrier SpiceJet. With this new entrant, Hahn Air has nearly doubled its network of regional, low-cost airlines and tour operators since the beginning of 2015. Established in 2012, Hahn Air Systems, the sister company of airline and distribution specialist Hahn Air, offers its H1-Air product to non-GDS airlines enabling them to be booked through over 95,000 travel agencies in 190 markets. These non-GDS airlines can benefit from Hahn Air’s economies of scale and have the potential to increase their revenue streams by being able to penetrate new markets and expand their reach to even more travel agencies. The H1-Air network is an innovative distribution solution with the potential to accelerate SpiceJet’s sales by linking it to global markets. As a result, SpiceJet’s domestic and international services will be available in all GDSs and will be issuable on the Hahn Air HR-169 document. Alexander Proschka, Head of Hahn Air Systems, said “We are proud to welcome SpiceJet as the latest airline to join the H1-Air network. This is especially momentous as they are Hahn Air System’s 50th partner and we are happy to share the occasion with them. Going forward, we will redouble our efforts to grow our portfolio of H1-Air partners and to globally connect more airlines, in turn offering our travel agent partners greater possibilities.” “We are looking forward to a great association with Hahn Air Systems. We are hoping that this association will help us reach out to many more untapped markets which will ultimately result in our business …

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