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Ural Airlines to start flights between India and Russia

The potential of the outbound tourist market from India to Russia has prompted Ural Airlines to start flights from various cities in India ex Yekaterinburg to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and to the other cities in Russia along with offering connections to other prime destinations in Europe. As per the Russian Information Centre (RIC), tourists from India to Russia have been growing at 30 per cent YoY. Considering the unique needs of Indian tourists and to cater to their specific needs, Ural Airlines is considering to join the ‘India-Friendly’ programme in Russia, which is initiated and executed by RIC in India. Airports of Regions & Russian Information Center in India are assisting the process of launch of services in India by helping identify partners and other associates that will contribute to the entry of Ural Airlines into the India market. Ural Airlines is the primary airline of Airport Koltsovo in Yekaterinburg and one of the largest rapidly developing Russian airlines.

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MITT 2018 to be held from March 13-15

The 25th edition of Moscow International Travel & Tourism Exhibition (MITT) will be held from March 13-15, 2018, at Expocentre, Moscow, Russia. The 2017 edition, held from March 14-16, witnessed 1971 companies from 187 countries and regions of the world, comprising 23,047 visitors from 79 regions of Russia and 89 other countries in 40,000 sq.m. of exhibition area. For the first time, MITT was a B2B-only event. The exhibitors included leading operators of outbound, domestic and inbound tourism, national and regional tourism organisations, hotel chains, airlines and transport companies, and operators of search systems and tour booking services. Among the visitors at the event were 39% representatives of travel agents, 21% tour operators of search and booking systems for tour services, 11% hotels and accommodation and 8% corporate customers. A.U. Manilova, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, said, “MITT has established itself not only as the place for presenting the tourism potential of dozens of countries, but as the place to meet professionals in the tourism industry: from tourism administrations to representatives of national governments. I wish that the hope that both international exhibitors and the Russian regions (more than 60 Russian regions are exhibiting, which is very important for us) have come here with is realised. Now is a very good time for developing international tourism – both in Russia and throughout the world. Tourism never creates barriers, it only eradicates them. I wish everyone success.” O. P. Safonov, Head of the Federal Agency on Tourism, said, “I am confident that constructive dialogue, sharing experience, and expanding partner relations at MITT 2017 contributes to the further establishment of tourism as a high-revenue and dynamically growing industry of …

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Russia signs five-party agreement to tap India market

Russia Tourism has signed a five-party agreement to promote the destination for tourism more aggressively in India. The document was signed on 30 September 2016 in St. Petersburg between: Northwest Regional Office of the Russian Union of the Tourist Industry (RUTI); co-founders of Russian Information Center (RIC) in India – Ekaterina Beliakova and Paresh Navani; Adviser on development projects coordinator ‘Visit Russia’ (Federal State Unitary Enterprise National Centre for Marketing Tourism Rostourism); Director-General of the Union of national and international tourist information organizations (SONATO); and St. Petersburg State University of Economics. The agreement focuses on increasing outbound tourist traffic from India to Russia and creation of comfortable conditions of stay in the country of Indian tourists. Navani, Co-Principle, RIC, explains, “RUTI will help RIC in organising the ground services when we roll out the India-friendly policy later this year. The university on the other hand will offer the training and certification to all service providers in Russia once RIC draws up the framework of the India-friendly policies, which is in the process.” The India-friendly policy will involve the tourism and hospitality industry in Russia.

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