More hotels in Russia become ‘India Friendly’

A new batch of hotels in Moscow and Saint Petersburg became ‘India Friendly’ in 2018 to encourage more Indians to visit the destination. The ‘India Friendly’ programme has been conceived and operationalised by Russian Information Centre (RIC) that identified the need for creating the correct environment in Russia to welcome Indian tourists. The hotels include Azimut Hotel Olympic Moscow, Radisson Royal St Petersburg and Alfa Izmailovo, Moscow.
Katrina Belyakova, Partner, Russia Information Center, says, “The trainers are experts in tourism and restaurant business from India and Russia having proven experience of managing needs of Indian tourists in multiple environments. The training programme covers topics of ancient and modern culture of India, the uniqueness of Indian thinking, the individual religious beliefs and how it affects their needs and food, communication styles of Indian tourists. It educates the hotels on the other small but important needs of Indian tourists like tea kettles, hot/cold water, besides others.”
The programme was officially launched in September 2016 in Russia by signing of an agreement to co-operate in developing Russian-Indian relations in the field of tourism and hospitality. The signatories to the agreement are Russian Information Centre (RIC, Mumbai), National Tourism Marketing Agency of Russian Federation “Visit Russia” and Department of Hotel and Restaurant Business, Saint Petersburg State University of Economics. The programme aims to create a conducive environment for development of outbound tourism from India to Russia.

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