Taj Mahal visit is now timebound, 3 hours per person

After successful trial runs of the new turnstile gates at the Taj Mahal, the three-hour ticket validity rule for visiting the monument has been enforced from 9 June. The move has been confirmed by the superintending Archeologist, ASI (Agra circle), Vasant Swarankar. Visitors will now get three hours to finish their sightseeing, from the time of entry to exit. Now, Taj Mahal has 14 entry gates, seven each on its eastern and western sides, as well as 10 gates, five each for exit, have been installed. Furthermore, if tourists exceed their time limit of three hours, they will have to pay an extra amount, equivalent to the value of the ticket, at the exit gate. Entry time will also be enforced, and visitors not arriving on time, will have to buy a new ticket to visit the monument.


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