UNITE 2020: Leisure and MICE virtual show

UNITE 2020 by Saleint is a collaborative endeavor to bring MICE and Leisure buyers to connect and meet the suppliers on a virtual trade show platform. Enabled with secure video, voice and text chat capabilities, these face-to-face virtual meetings can be held at mutually acceptable times. This global virtual trade show is scheduled to start at 0000 hrs Toronto time (EDT) on September 16, 2020 and will be live till 23:59 hrs on September 17, 2020. One can expect to connect with 34 exhibitors who are representing more than 39 countries and 45 brands. It is expected that 1,700+ meetings will take place over the two days. The show also features 10+ business sessions with speakers from around the world. Funds collected for donation will be matched by UNITE by Saleint between USD 1 to USD 6 per login ID. Are you ready to UNITE?

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