Visit Victoria witnesses record growth from India

Visit Victoria has announced that India has now become its fourth largest inbound market with overnight visitor expenditure of $392 million and a growth of 22.3 per cent. During the end of December 2017, it recorded around 1,44,200 Indian visitors coming to Australia, a 22.6 per cent year on year increase. Speaking at the press conference Carmen Smith, Head of International Markets, Visit Victoria commented, “The Indian market has been very exciting for Visit Victoria just till December 2017 we had around 1, 44, 200 Indian tourist arrivals which is only till December while our year ends in June. Our target was to achieve 8 per cent growth from India while currently we are at a growth of over 22 percent so we have been very excited about the growth from India.” Indian visitors spent a total of 5.5m nights in Melbourne. Indian tourists have been visiting Victoria for various purposes including leisure holiday, business, visiting friends or relatives (VFR). 51 percent of the visitor expenditure from Indian visitors came from the education sector. The VFR segment recorded 72,000 Indian visitors travel  to Victoria. Melbourne is all set to host Indian in 2018 for the upcoming India-Australia Boxing Day cricket match 2018. It will also be hosting the ICC World T20 men’s and women’s final in 20020.