Vistara removes reading material from flights and cleans aircraft at every turnaround to fight Covid-19 aircraft

Doing its bit to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, Vistara today announced temporary fleet-wide removal of all reading material from seatback pockets, including the Vistara in-flight magazine, newspapers and other magazines of passengers’ interest. The step has been taken to prevent the spread of the virus.


Vistara is also proactively cleaning all aircraft in its fleet at the turnaround of every single flight. Disinfectant cleaners approved by aircraft manufacturers are being used for the purpose. This means all cabins of all of Vistara’s aircraft, including seats, tray tables, latches, galley, seatbelt buckles, all lavatories and flight deck etc. are being disinfected after every flight.

Additionally, Vistara is carrying out thorough deep cleaning of all aircraft every 24 hours using approved higher concentration of disinfectant cleaner, Callington 2200 (CH2200). The airline’s teams wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as hand gloves and face masks, as required, to perform the cleaning procedures.




  • Vistara is continuously monitoring flights across its network for risks. If a suspected case (passengers exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19) comes to the airline’s attention, either voluntarily or reported/observed by the crew, the airline’s operations and maintenance control centers are immediately informed for necessary action.
  • The subsequent action includes immediate sanitization of the affected row including three rows ahead and behind, lavatory, sidewalls, tray tables, overhead compartments and carpets by approved disinfectant cleaners.
  • If any confirmed cases are reported, Vistara will immediately carry out complete sanitization of the entire aircraft.
  • Vistara’s cabin crew practice a high level of personal hygiene and wear disposable gloves during processes such as clearance of trays.
  • Vistara’s fleet is equipped with the HEPA (High Efficiency-Particulate Arrestors) air recirculation filters that capture and remove viruses with high efficiency. The air in the cabins refreshes itself every few minutes.
  • Cabins in all Vistara aircraft are now also equipped with surgical masks, gloves, sanitizer wipes and contact-less infrared thermometers.
  • On the ground, any customer who shows symptoms of fever and/or respiratory illness is required to undergo a precautionary check-up with the Airport Medical Support Team. Vistara teams handling such customers are equipped with PPE to minimize risk of infection. The airlne’s ground handling partners have also been advised to wear PPE to maintain high levels of personal hygiene during their shifts.
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