Wizz Air continues to operate at 10% capacity with 70% load factor

In a free-wheeling webinar interview organised by CAPA – Centre for Aviation recently, József Váradi, Chief Executive Officer, Wizz Air, said that his airline is doing well in terms of stimulating demand in the market. “Of course, the level of demand is not the same as before Covid-19. But if I were to look at our numbers, we are operating quite a few flights. We are performing at 10 per cent of our capacity as we speak and we are achieving a load factor of 70 to 75 per cent – an average of 200 seats per aircraft. I think we are doing quite well with regard to stimulating demand. However, we are seeing significant no-shows although it is improving. Also, while we are operational in 45 countries, no two countries have the same restrictions in place. So there are a lot of complexities out there.” He added that Wizz Air currently has an operating fleet of 121 aircraft which will go up to 135 within a year. In that period, it will be taking 22 new aircraft deliveries and retiring eight older aircraft.



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