220,900 Indians cruised in 2018, registering a growth of 28.1%: CLIA

The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has released its 2018 Asia Cruise Industry Ocean Source Market Report, which says that the number of cruise passengers from India has gone up by a solid 28.1 per cent. Peter Kollar, Head of International Training & Development, CLIA, says, “While actual figures of Indian cruise passengers have risen over the past three years, the scale at which this has occurred has been a little askew mainly due to a low base point – in 2017, a total of 172,400 cruise passengers came from India, while in a report released this week commissioned by CLIA, new consolidated figures show that 220,900 Indians cruised in 2018, up a very strong 28.1 per cent.” The report offers an in-depth look at the growth, demographics and trends of the top source markets in Asia, including India. Asia is the third-largest cruise region after North America and Europe. CLIA’s report on the India market states that 80 per cent of Indians cruise in Asia (up 4.7 per cent), with a considerable fly-cruise market out of Singapore. Further afield, 8.4 per cent are sailing in Europe, while nine per cent are cruising to the Americas with the strong allure of Alaska, Caribbean and South America.

One of the remarkable figures for India over the past few years is the average age of these passengers. Overall, India boasts one of the youngest markets in the world, with the average age of an ocean cruise passenger being 37 years old. This figure is one that the local industry is well-placed to capitalise on as it allows time for continued exposure of cruising to the Indian public and grow awareness, and is positive for the longevity of cruising for the region as all historical data of mature markets show that once people cruise, they tend to do so again.

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