Akasa Air unveils refreshed in-flight menu at Café Akasa

The menu features over 45 unique and varied meal options to cater to diverse dietary and
culinary preferences
• Exciting fusion meals that blend the best of global cuisines with traditional Indian flavours
• Industry-first options like Chaat, and Malabari Wrapper launched in June followed by Basil
Shikanji and Khow Suey to be launched in July.

Akasa Air, India’s fastest-growing airline, has announced an enhanced inflight food and beverage menu for Café Akasa, its onboard meal service. The new menu has been thoughtfully curated to include a variety of gourmet meals, snacks, and refreshing beverages to ensure there is something to cater to a wide range of dietary and culinary preferences. The menu refresh is a result of an extensive exercise undertaken by the airline, to understand customer preferences and consumer dining trends while staying true to its promise of delivering a unique and differentiated gastronomic experience in the skies.

Elaborating on the menu refresh, Belson Coutinho, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, at Akasa Air said, “India’s rich food heritage and cultural diversity have been at the heart of our Café Akasa offering since inception. We constantly upgrade our menu in line with our promise to share the diverse essence of India and provide a memorable experience to our valued customers. With a commitment to inclusivity and culinary creativity, the new menu features over 45 meal options including fusion meals, appetizers with a regional twist, and decadent desserts – all of which present a unique fusion of Indian flavours and international favourites. Each dish has been meticulously craftedand is served with Akasa’s signature warm service to deliver an unforgettable gastronomic journey”.

A fusion of global flavours and regional delights with industry-first options

A harmonious blend of global flavours and regional delights, the newly refreshed menu at Café Akasa includes industry-first options like Chaat-buster Box, Kosha Chicken Malabari Wrapper and Khow Suey Chicken, promising a memorable culinary experience in the skies. The new menu also includes decadent desserts such as Chocolate Pistachio Verrine to satiate the sweet tooth. Moreover, in line with Akasa Air’s commitment to ensuring comfortable family travel, the menu also features a Triple Treat Nutella Sandwich as a delightful option for Café Akasa’s kid’s meal.

Thoughtful healthy inclusions

The new menu includes Fruit and Feta Fiesta Salad, Chicken Shawarma salad, and Lean Bean Protein Salad to ensure that customers can keep up with their healthy lifestyle while travelling. There have also been thoughtful enhancements in the category of beverages. In addition to Akasa’s industry-first offering of Mango Kombucha, from July onwards customers can cool down their travels with a refreshing and healthy Basil Shikanji. For customers who like to unwind with a hot beverage, fragrant blends of Masala tea, hot chocolate, green tea and coffee options are also available.

Introducing a wider range of ready-to-eat selection

An assortment of ready-to-eat meals such as Tomato Cheese Pasta and Veg Fried Rice are available as selections to buy on board. From July onwards, these selections will be augmented with Khow Suey, Hyderabadi Veg Biryani and Chicken Curry Rice that will undoubtedly delight the tastebuds of customers looking to add a unique flavour to their air travel.

Special festive meals throughout the year

Since the launch of operations in August 2022, Akasa Air has been introducing specially curated monthly meal options that are inspired by regional specialities associated with celebrations during popular festivals and special occasions like Makar Sankranti, Valentine’s Day, Holi, Eid, Mother’s Day, International Yoga Day, Monsoon season, Parsi New Year, Onam, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra, Diwali and Christmas, among others. For instance, the Mother’s Day meal included a delicious North Indian style Masala Paneer Paratha served with a sweet and sour Mango Chutney, accompanied by Sooji Halwa and a choice of beverage. The airline also offers the option to pre-book a cake for flyers who want to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions with their loved ones in the skies.

Commitment to sustainability

As one of the greenest airlines in the world, Akasa Air’s efforts towards sustainability extend to Café Akasa as well. Packaging for all perishable meals is 100 per cent recyclable and made from paper which is ethically sourced from sustainably grown crops. All packaging is manufactured without any bleach or other optical brightening agents chemicals. The wooden cutlery on-board is also biodegradable. Moreover, passengers can pre-book their meals before flying with Café Akasa to avoid any wastage as this allows for all perishable meals to be accounted for.
Each meal is prepared with the highest hygiene and quality standards, reinforcing the airline’s dedication to providing exceptional service to its valued customers. The new menu was launched in June 2024 and is available across the Akasa Air network. Customers can conveniently prebook on Akasa Air’s website, mobile app and through multiple leading travel agents.

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