Business travellers prefer to go digital for flight and hotel check-ins

FCM Travel Solutions and KPMG’s recent whitepaper titled ‘The Digi-Smart Indian Business Traveller’ forecasts that amongst Asian business travellers, face-to-face interactions have become the least-popular option, except for hotel check-ins. They value the transparency of choice and information that autonomous digital channels, such as AI, can provide. Similarly, Indian business travellers are shifting to digital, with only 17 per cent of them preferring face-to-face interactions for process like flight check-ins. When choosing flights, convenient schedules and direct flights were consistently amongst the top-three priorities across all business travellers. Travel managers are aware of this and choose travel providers based on their ability to provide convenience and ease travellers’ journeys. Some these functions can be taken over by AI, which can process large about of data faster, and hence increase the efficiency and reduce cost.

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