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Govt should announce date for reopening visa: Ravi Gosain

Ravi Gosain, Hony. Treasurer, IATO, has said that the Government should announce a date for reopening of visa applications for India, whether it eventually happens or not. “If they make the announcement, it will be an important step for inbound market, because it would allow people to plan well in advance. If there is a possibility of doing it in March, the should announce it now, of if they think it can open by June-August, they should announce it as soon as possible, so that professionals can work for promotions and plan something,” he advised.

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MOT lauds IATO Maharashtra’s feedback on Shirdi

Ministry of Tourism has appreciated Vasuki K. Sundaram, Chairperson, IATO Maharashtra Chapter, on twitter for her positive feedback on her recent trip to Shirdi, where she mentions that her experience was great in the temple without crowds, social distancing maintained, hotels adhering to compliances, and she pointed out that the wayside amenities on her way back to Mumbai were clean. MOT, in their tweet shared a video of Sundaram saying that it shows the idea of Dekho Apna Desh being executed thoroughly.

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New promotional content to highlight growing infrastructure

Rupinder Brar, ADG, Ministry of Tourism, has shared that the content they are creating for international and domestic market will also focus on the growing infrastructure in the country and not just the heritage of the country. “We noticed that we do focus on monuments, cities, palaces, etc., but we are not showing and leveraging on the growing infrastructure in the country. Hence, the content needs to show that when you land in India, you are landing in a country which may be 1000s of years old, but at the same time, it is backed up with infrastructure that is as modern as it can get,” she added.

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MOT revises guidelines of MDA scheme for domestic tourism

To motivate stakeholders to promote tourism destinations in the country, the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) has modified the guidelines of the Marketing Development Assistance (MDA) scheme for the promotion of domestic tourism. The new guidelines has made availing the scheme simpler with liberal norms and more financial assistance to eligible stakeholders such as tour operators, hotels and aggregators.

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Need to nurture employees’ skill sets to recover

Rupinder Brar, Additional Director General, Ministry of Tourism, has said that the tourism industry will experience consistent growth with skilful employees. “To come out successfully from the current crisis, organisations will need to nurture their employees’ digital, cognitive, and resilience skill sets,” she said while speaking at the webinar on ‘Trends in Future Jobs, Skill Development & Training in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality’ organised by FICCI.

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